Thursday, June 29, 2006

more moleskine paintings


Goobeetsablog said...

that's on a moleskin.
I always wanted to buy one and try it
out- but am afraid it would just waste it with incoherent scribbles.

this on the other hand is very nice.
love the full color treatment.
one of your best compositions too!


spacesick said...

haha! that is sweet! and it feels like if you pulled the notebook in the photo out of frame I would see that scene actually taking place.

(gee that's a weird thing to say)

I too have a fear of ruining moleskine journals, in that I have a deep-seeded desire to smack them out of the hands of every person I see carrying one.

(what a curious fellow)

belinha said...

Nice watercolors!:-)

calliope said...

the robot can't do a dive.

wintermonkey said...

it looks like he's diving to me. you can't do a dive.