Thursday, October 18, 2007

hello again. some more "art"

i haven't had enough time to work on anything in awhile because of a few pretty awesome to the max projects that are going on. one of which i can share just a tidbit before the whole thing launches in a few weeks. granted this isn't a very good tidbit, but it had to start somewhere. this particular piece is a limited edition of 1" portraits of dudes with mullets. more later. oh yeah. my scanner died last night. (cue the bugle player...) so i had to snap the pic with my camera. i'll get a new scanner this weekend. anyone know where to get a decent a3 scanner for not a ton of dough?


Anonymous said...

I can only speculate on the project

nice collection

wintermonkey said...

yes... stay tuned. i think i can release full details in about a week & a half. it's gonna be fun.