Tuesday, November 20, 2007

girl in red bikini with gun (beginning color)

i started working with painter x. i'm totally new to it so i'm not sure about all the features. bear with me. i refined one of the girls that i had sketched out and started adding color. i would appreciate any thoughts. thanks!!


Anonymous said...

nice hair!
good color too.

Looney Moon Cartoons said...

I like it but, the edges need to be more defined. I find the way they fade into the background looks artificial.

wintermonkey said...

thanks! i'm still working on this one and others. love the comments.

tom said...

Great start with Painter!
I like her face, it's well done!

wintermonkey said...

thanks tom!

i like the possibilities with painter. i'd tried out the trial once before and ended up just goofing around with watercolor effects and then trying them with real watercolor. now i think i'll use it more. any ti[s would be real appreciated.